All the money you will ever make is currently in the hands of someone else.


What will you do to get the money from them?

Cash in Hand

This is just one idea of the thousands Earl Nightingale wrote during his career publishing best selling personal development programs. Now in the early years of the 21st century, some may wonder if the wisdom he shared is relevant today. He was even asked this at the height of his career and he responded, “In the 17th century Sir Isaac Newton gave us the law of gravity. That is still relevant.”

Earl went on to explain that there are undisputable laws of success just as permanent as the law of gravity.

This law above, “All the money you will ever make is currently in the hands of someone else,” is a fact that will be as formidable thousands of years from now, just as the law of gravity. This problem is, this law is never taught in schools, it is missed in corporate meetings, and most people in sales have never grasped the deep meaning behind it.

Tell this law to some and they think about the top one percent that has all the money, and we better get our share.

In every career, job, position, from the janitor to the CEO this is true. All the money is in someone else’s hands, and there’s only one reputable way to get it; service.

The service we give others parts them from their money more efficiently than any other. Sure, the bank robber may grab the money and run, but the risk of life in an eight by ten cell with a three hundred pound room mate is a serious risk. Better serve the public with a good product or service to build your wealth.

How does this relate? Here are some ideas:

The minimum wage clerk at the fast food place needs to be better than the competition when selling fries. The server that adds lifetime value to regular customers drives profits and profits drive promotion.

R. David Thomas, Chairman Founder Wendys


CEOs at the major fast food chains, such as R. David Thomas, started as kids flipping burgers. Dave Thomas was motivated to his success from the same book discovered by Earl Nightingale.



Other examples include: The actress that fights the temptation to be a drama diva when she remembers the fans that buy the tickets that drive box office sales, and gets wealthier.

The CEO that trains all levels of personnel the value of customer retention retires wealthy on a yacht.

For those who question gravity, they treat customers like interruptions and are doomed to never get their share of the wealth that is abundant.

Earl Nightingale taught thousands of core fundamentals throughout his career. These fundamentals are universal laws, like gravity.

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