Are excuses blocking you?

Once planted, seeds of excuses grow into formidable Oak trees blocking the road.


So much of what we get in life depends on what we see in the path ahead.

Excuses are nothing new to the masses. Today, there’s a long list and I’ll bet you’ve heard most. So, we’re not listing any excuses here. Instead, we have the answer how to overcome any negative thoughts that grow into the oak trees in your way.

In one of Earl Nightingale’s radio programs, he quoted a speech given by author Albert E. N. Gray, writer of the best seller, “The New Common Denominator of Success.”

The book was an expanded version of a speech Gray gave with one major take away, “The successful person has the habit of doing the things failures don’t like to do.”

Gray made that statement many years ago at the National Association of Life Underwriters convention in Philadelphia. He was an official of the Prudential Insurance Company of America and had 30 years of continuous experience both as an agent in the field and as a promoter and instructor in sales development.

After reviewing the speech and Gray’s work, Earl made the following observations:

Successful people have a purpose strong enough to make them form the habit of doing things others nay use for an excuse.

While the majority is satisfied with average results and average lives, successful people are never settle for mediocre results.

Winners are driven by desire for the best results, while failures are willing to accept poor performance and rely on excuses.

Earl has been asked many times if success is worth the effort. He answered, “To me it is. I have always thought that life is too short, too precious, to let it slip by and vegetate.”

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