What do you believe in?

These are turbulent times for believers. Everyone is taking sides of one issue after another. One issue that has been around for thousands of years will not go away. To believe, or not to believe.

The Lies Series of novels takes on this gritty story for adults - not suited for Sunday school.

Corrupt motivational speakers, lost preachers, wives, lovers, and lawmen can’t help. Discovering purpose is a solo sport. Throw in the cheaters, liars, and lawbreakers. Someone is gonna’ get hurt.

These two novels question whether the truth will set you free. Or, just drive you crazy.

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Book 2 - Just Published

Wynn Truman has been attracting trouble. Life around him is torn apart as very rare tornadoes rip through Western North Carolina. A bigger threat descends on every one around him. The worst part is he can do nothing to help.

Book 1 -

Wynn Truman is a good guy with a big problem. He's in the positive-thinking business with a negative attitude. This is the first in a series of novels about - Lies.

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