Is time on your side?

When a woman breaks up with a man all he can do is hope she’ll come running back to him someday.

Time On Your SideWords like that inspire poets and song writers. Jerry Ragovoy wrote a lot of hit songs in the sixties. One day in 1963 those words of a jilted lover came to him. The song and the melody took shape. A year later twenty year old Mick Jagger pouted up to the microphone in a recording studio and belted out the words, “Time is on my side, yes it is.”

So, Jerry Ragovoy under the pseudonym of Norman Meade penned a song that has racked up royalties for over fifty years. The fact that Mick continues to rock into his seventies proves that age is a state of mind.

It is not fame and fortune that keeps us young. It is very simply what Earl Nightingale said over and over, “We become what we think about.”

Do our thoughts really bend time?

How many old looking people do you know? Old looking is the key, not how old in years. Many times people will start saying things like, “Getting old is a bitch.”

Actually, getting older is a blessing. Think of the alternative.

As those heavy in the gut and short on breath console themselves with self defeating statements about declining health being an expected part of life, they are right. Their own statements age them faster.

We all have a subconscious mind that believes anything we say. Tell it you’re feeling aches and pains of aging and it will give you aches and pains.

On the other hand, that powerful subconscious mind built you in the womb. The sculpting of cells and genes and DNA formed your arms, legs, brain, heart, and all of you. That same powerful unleashed subconscious mind is still sculpting each new cell that is generated by the millions every minute in your current body.

Order your subconscious minds with thoughts of healing and rebuilding.

Never, ever think or say your own death sentence, “I am getting old.”

You are getting better, healthier, smarter.

Earl Nightingale addressed this on one of his radio broadcasts titled, When Your Dreams Die. Here’s the way he opened the segment, “How would you like a recipe for staying young? From earliest times people have believed that their search for a fountain of youth would be rewarded. And they found that the secrets of both youth and happiness lie in the same place: within themselves.”

As in many of Earl’s writings he searched for and found perfect quotes to amplify his message that day when he quoted a philosopher who once wrote, “There is not much but to bury a man when the last of his dreams is dead.”

These thoughts explain why we all are as young as our dreams, why some people appear old at forty, and others become famous at ninety. It explains a lot about Mick Jagger dancing across a stage at seventy-three still singing, “Time is on my side, yes it is.”

In the broadcast, Earl listed a few points to consider as you seek to find the right things to tell your subconscious.

First, a list that ages us faster:

  1. The person who has no dream or goal to achieve is already old.
  2. Age comes when hope and planning for the future die.
  3. Every person’s life work must be much larger than an eight hour workday.
  4. People grow old in occupations with fixed limitations, uninteresting surroundings, and no call upon the imagination.

Next, the list that keeps us younger:

  1. Some stay young regardless of their work because they strive for a higher calling such as providing for family members.
  2. People who stay young are those that feel young regardless of their age.
  3. Youthful individuals try new things, learn new skills, and plan new careers whether they live long enough to reach it or not.
  4. Those of us who stay young never think much about old age or death.
  5. Staying alive and young requires people with a sense of humor.
  6. Happy youthful people among us do not hold grudges or hatred.
  7. People who stay young are quick to accept new ideas and have a healthy curiosity.


Earl goes on to say, “Above all they continue in pursuit of a dream, something to learn and earn, and a higher plateau upon which to stand.”


Finally, Earl gives this challenge, “What are you trying to bring into fulfillment? A person is as young as his dreams, and as old as his doubts.”

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