The words on the page lost the magnetic power they once held over him.

Those seeds planted in sentences from some far away or long gone authors once grew full and wide enough to carry him into the future where anything would be possible. Some sentences sprouted weeds of discontent and fear pulling the past forward. Polarity that attracted or repelled had lost its energy. The time had arrived for him that imagination’s lure passed out of sight no matter how cleverly those words had been united to create a thought.

Younger people see a decade of time through different lenses.  A measure of ten years may as well be a place in another solar system. Then, the day comes when words lose power. The day on the calendar preceded by three thousand six hundred fifty days is blank and all the pages before just flash by as a memory of something that may have happened just yesterday. That’s why the young put off things and set five and ten year goals that would take a normal traveler a lifetime to achieve.

Words once again appear to the man. The reader whose page upon page of sentences became white noise found a new and loud noise that made no sense. One lone voice spoke the words but the sentence grew wide from the seed planted.  Soon the contamination spread as the audience grew and applauded enabling the addiction to grow.

What were these words?

Should the idea be repeated and become a movement?

Vast kingdoms have been founded on lesser sentences. A slogan rallied people to follow leaders to great revolutionary acts. Countries were formed. Civilizations blossomed and spent its life cycle herding followers of words. Can words do that? Witness what Jesus inspired twelve guys to do. It was just words. But, now thirty seven million buildings are meeting places for billions to repeat the words on Sundays. A church on every corner is no exaggeration.

What was the linkage of words that may have a similar impact?

They must be powerful magnetic words.

“We will replace all fossil fuels within twelve years.”

That’s the quote that shook people old enough to realize ten or twelve years is just yesterday.

Suspend reality for a moment and imagine what would have to be accomplished each day of the new calendar. One hundred and twenty five thousand gas stations would be closed. What will we do without our big gulp and Twinkies? The nine hundred thirty one thousand people that work there will be retrained, or just depend on welfare handouts.

Dismiss any idea of reselling one of the two hundred seventy million cars currently on the road. They won’t run. Consider the carbon footprint of recycling our vehicles. The smelting factories will be busy melting down over a trillion pounds of useless vehicles. That’s over five hundred tons turned to molten liquid shooting untold billions of carbon into the air.

Each year homes across America have been routinely purchasing over a million brand new gas stoves over the course of twenty decades past. The industry of gas stoves launched in 1828 has become a villainous band of thieves stealing away atmosphere faster than grilling a thick tenderloin. Those cook tops and ovens preferred by gourmet foodies will be confiscated by a new government that repurposed ICE to vast collection agencies of useless appliances.

They will be busy. Once the gas stove is removed, they back up the truck to pull gas heaters from eighty-five percent of American homes that rely on gas heaters to keep the kids from freezing during the winter months of this global warming sword of Damocles.

A knock at the door jarred the man.

In the fog of waking the words that had pulled him into an Orwellian future just a mere twelve years ahead, he realized he was not dreaming caught up in the fiction of his favorite novelists. This was a wakeup call; the delivery person at the door.

She smiled, “Here’s your delicious hot meal for today.”

As she turned to walk away, the man heard the soft hum and saw the electric government truck idling waiting for her. The package shared fresh warmth from the government owned microwave that heated his soy concoction for the day.

Enjoy the continuing series:

Environmentalists Have Been Busy

Back To the Future

Common Sense

Environmentalists Have Been Busy

There’s a war and it threatens all life on our planet based on Weapons of Mass Defecation.

The enemy ranks are filled with cows conspiring to wipe out humans with their farts and burps. Actually more burps than farts as a matter of fact. So, as our bovine friends stroll amongst shafts of fresh grass burping and farting with each step, much the same as I wandering from room to room in our house, they really are on a death march. At least that’s the way the alarmists see the way the world is.

What can we do?

The first step is to bring some analytical reality into play. There are roughly one point five billion cows roaming the planet plotting our destruction as they graze away the hours making sure their digestive systems are busy cranking out deadly methane.

Where are these evil doers? The biggest population is in India where some religions consider cows sacred.  Maybe that will insure safety and salvation from their wrath of gasses.

The census of cows shows this:

  • India is home to over 330 million cows.
  • Brazil is the home to the second largest number of cows, with more than 210 million living in the country.
  • It’s followed by China, which has just over 100 million cows.
  • And, in the United States we feed on the milk and slaughter from our heard of 94 million.

If it is true that these Weapons of Mass Defecation are doing us in, we need to work on the other billion or so plus cows around the globe. We may stand a better chance of getting Kim Jing Un to trash his nukes.

To drill this down to science, just what are these animals doing to us.

The plant diet of cows is high in cellulose where microorganisms break down the cellulose into carbohydrates. Methane is produced as a by-product of this process.

Just how bad is this gas?

Methane is a very powerful greenhouse gas. One pound of methane traps twenty-five times more heat in the atmosphere than a pound of carbon dioxide. Methane is also the main ingredient in natural gas. Because methane can be captured, it can be burned to produce electricity, heat buildings, or power garbage trucks. Capturing methane before it gets into the atmosphere also helps reduce the effects of climate change. Since America is the world’s largest producer of natural gas, maybe we can sell those cow farts to other countries.

Has methane from animals in the past had a negative impact on our planet?

Go way back in time to the dinosaurs. They managed to walk around eating plants, farting, and burping for two hundred and fifty million years. Just cutting one Brontosaurus fart could fill a hot air balloon. That didn’t end their time here. A giant asteroid ninety three miles wide crashed into earth sixty-six million years ago. That big rock cooked up two thousand three hundred seventy degrees; some really hot global warming.

The methane didn’t get them, bad luck in the solar system did.

Before we run out of luck trying to outrace an asteroid, pile the kids in the minivan and head to McDonalds for a happy meal. Let’s get the environmentalists back to doing what they do best. Stop cutting down trees to erect giant steel and glass solar panels. Check out our other article on Common Sense. 



Back to the Future

We were the Chevrolet family tucked comfortably between the Oldsmobile Super 88 and the Buick Roadster households to the right and left of us in our line of post World War II bungalows on Patrick Avenue.  My Dad paid around fifteen hundred in 1953 for our Chevy Coupe while the Buick and Oldsmobile models were for the rich folks next door at twice the price. Saying they were rich really wasn’t that much of an exaggeration since a three thousand dollar car on a four thousand a year salary for our blue collar neighborhood was a lot of money. How did they do it? This collective of factory workers, postal employees and bus drivers all shared the commonality of not having a lot of money. What was the secret to owning more expensive things?

General Motors was cleaver using different makes and models to offer buyers what they could afford. The Buick and Oldsmobile hood ornaments were rockets, the Chevy hood ornament looked more like a jet plane. These were the small symbols to remind a united nation of one goal to go faster and conquer space years before President Kennedy made his promise to go to the moon. Another brilliant moment for GM was an idea ahead of its time in the 1920s. That major disruptive concept was the auto loan. This revolution  launched GM to the number one spot and created a consumer demand to get what you want today and pay for it later. Soon people all over America were financing  just about everything such as appliances, radios, and furniture by 1930.

You might say things have not changed much since a one hundred thousand dollar salary buys a seventy five thousand dollar car.

Since then, we have been adding decimal points and digits to the pile to create four trillion dollars in consumer debt. That’s just about the size of the entire GDP of Japan where all those new cars come from. Four trillion is a lot and here’s how Americans borrow so much:

  • Credit cards eat up a little over a one trillion.
  • Nearly three trillion in non-revolving debt which includes things like college loans and car payments.
  • Debt for your neighbors has climbed in double digits since 2013, and that does not include mortgage debt.
  • Those house payments add another nine trillion to the debt Americans will owe the banker.
  • Approaching fourteen trillion in debt meaning we all owe a sum nearly bigger than the GDP of China.

All of this is personal debt. That’s the debt that grows every time you swipe your smart phone at Starbucks for a five dollar coffee increasing the debt to four trillion and five dollars. For those that push for wealth distribution this should be alarming, since the only thing left to distribute is debt; not wealth.

The really big number is the National Debt now over twenty two trillion. The only time the national debt was paid off was in 1835 when Andrew Jackson was president. No wonder his picture is on the Twenty Dollar Bill.

We need more Billionaires! We do not need wealth distribution.

In 1953, thirty one percent of the population was considered to be in the top one percent, with sixty nine percent in the bottom ninety-nine percent where General Motors made all their money. The numbers have not changed dramatically as in 2010 the top one percent was thirty five percent and the bottom ninety-nine making up sixty five percent. It just takes more money to get there, but surprisingly it is not a group only for multi-millionaires and billionaires. If you make around four hundred thousand, you are in the top one percent. Some doctors make that as do some sales people.

Are you ready to fork over seventy – eighty – even ninety percent of your money to a government that losses no sleep over twenty two trillion in debt. Or, would you rather keep some of that revenue to pay down that personal debt for that new car? The decision to choose the 1953 Chevy with a jet for the hood ornament, instead of a rocket, may be a prudent way to go forward into the future.



How to handle your career change


First of all, the Marines have been succeeding since before the United States were formed. How many businesses can you name over 200 years old.Businesses today are lucky to make it just in the first year.

This video states if you are an entrepreneur, your best bet is to hire ex-military leaders.

Coming Up: Our next video series addresses the skills of the entrepreneur.


What’s it gonna’ take to knock some common sense into you?


Momma always enjoyed the Comic Section in the Sunday Paper. She’d say something about Dagwood, or Peanuts and chuckle, then ask me, “Want to see the funny papers?”

On those Sunday afternoons after our fill of fried chicken, the miraculous appearance of full color pages made one section of the paper interesting for a young boy. The funny papers on Sundays, and in the fall, the Sears Catalog with its pages of toys in the toy section were highly anticipated literary volumes in the early 1950’s. Not like today when toddlers haul around volumes of Harry Potter that weigh more than they do. It’s good to see kids so young falling in love with books. Beyond the funny papers, mother kept my small library full of books like Black Beauty, farmers, and cowboys. She also had common sense enough to make me read and study the school books. She said, “Work hard on your education now and you won’t have to work hard when you are grown.”

Common sense was a major course for those of my age group. It made the world safe to explore all day until it got dark.

It may seem sentimental to visit those old days when today there is nothing funny in the newspaper. Today’s newsprint only seems to deliver hate, division, and mismatched ideas. Take for example the Green New Deal environmentalists that clear cut six thousand acres of Virginia forest to build a solar panel farm. That’s about as mismatched as you can get. Consider the logic:

  • Pick a state that offers cloudy gray skies just about all winter for a solar farm. Virginia is my home state, so the impact of light deprivation is known.
  • Cut down a forest half the size of Manhattan robbing the area of life giving oxygen from trees.

There’s nothing wrong with exploring ways to make solar efficient. As it is today, you can’t depend on it. Florida is home now and our previous pool was heated with solar panels. Now our pool is heated by an electric heater. The electric works better. Cloudy skies, even in Florida, can really dampen expectations.

Could common sense point us to the vast thousands of acres of barren desert in the Southwest? No trees to chop and no dastardly cloudy gray skies. Environmentalists are supposed to care for trees and fresh air. Common sense needs to be taught. Momma said many times, “What’s it gonna’ take to knock some sense into you?”

All habits and addictions are illusions.

All habits and addictions are illusions.

Scientific evidence supports the effects of chemicals and hormones that require specific treatments. This is a presentation of the much larger issue of our attitudes toward BAD habits. We give life to habits when we name them EVIL we give them POWER and FORCE

This Video explains more

Learn more from the Goals and Vision Master Course on Audible.



There are times when missing my father weighs heavy. Those small times sitting across from each other in stuffed chairs and listening. The stories of his father working a farm and owning a grocery store that lost more money than it made. His description from a slight smile and echoes in the twinkle of his blue eyes fascinate me today the same way those words captured me nearly seveny years ago.

Youthful years passed and as time made me smarter, there were some days when my self absorbed smart ass would interject some off the wall contemporary passing idea. Comments such as those have become some level of regret and grow large in the memory shouting out the kind gentle happy words.

Today as pages on the February calendar get checked off, there’s Valentine’ Day with cards, candy and kisses to mark happy milestones. One of those chilly February days also marks the day of his last laugh and quiet smile were silenced.

So, as life gets thrown at us shooting arrows of pain and happiness, we may learn that the real educated action is to experience each present moment with a finger on the scale that leans toward the affectionate.



Here’s a great screen saver.

But, wait, what can a screen saver with the quote  ‘Expand my territory’ do for you?

Exactly what it says, expand my opportunities, my client base, my financial well being. My success.

The quote does not say give me the stuff other people have. True growth is not about taking advantage and gaining at someone else’s loss. Taking something from someone else does nothing toward growth; it is just exchanging something from someone else. Moving something from one pocket to another gets us no where. An old country saying is, “Rob Peter to pay Paul.” That’s a losing plan since the debt to you is still there

Where did the quote, ‘Expand my territory’ originate.

For me, it was on an old I Phone that at one time meant something, but was lost in my memory, so I looked it up. Of all places it came from the Bible; that dusty old volume that people use to excoriate others with blame about the rich and the poor. All those guilt verses about that evil rich man shoving a camel through the eye of a needle crap.

There’s some positive wealth building ideas in those sixty-six books of ancient dialogue that works well today. This quote came from First Chronicles 4:10 concerning a little known guy named Jabez. It states, “Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, ‘Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.”

Then, just as promised, “God granted his request.

Not many people have remembered his name and the quote was easy for me to forget. So, I reloaded on my new phone as a reminder that the Universe is full of potential on the road ahead. There’s a great deal of new untouched territory to explore and win. The good thing is; no one has to lose anything to make it true.

That’s the way the world really is, how do you see the way it can be?

Feel free to download  the #screensaver to use anywhere